Saturday, February 3, 2007


Since this is the only exercise I have gotten in over the last two weeks...

I call a do-over! For a variety of reasons, I just never got it together. I need to really dedicate myself to making getting in shape part of my everyday life, and I haven't done that.

Now this is dedication...

I mean the man loves to BBQ and nothing will get in his way. Look at him, in pajama bottoms, slippers and a t-shirt no less! And he looks so happy doing it.

So I'm going back to the source. I've pulled out Body for LIFE and I'm looking over "Crossing the Abyss", I'm working on updating my Little Book of Magic that I carry in my purse to keep me on track and motivate me. And, if you haven't notice, I freshened up my blog. I have also been cleaning and getting organized at home this weekend. For some reason, it really seems to help. It sort of feels like nesting, getting ready for this big, new, exciting, highly anticipated change. It's helping to renew my energy.

So I'm starting my challenge,
again, this Monday. I've got everything ready: my starting pictures are already posted, and I'm working on tweaking my goals, and making getting started much more reasonable. I've been on hiatus for a while, so I think I need to ease myself into this.

I'll post the details about my challenge tomorrow. Hope every one is having a great weekend!


Pamela said...

thanks for the coments on my blog.. & YES lets make this a great week! .. LOVE the pics !! now that IS dedicated!

KatieFeldmom said...

You are right about being in the right place to start! I did that in January. The house had to be cleaned, the groceries had to be bought.

But no matter what, you have to start and only you can make that happen!!!!!!!!!

Love the picture of the hubby grilling in the snow! Brrrrrr! Too cold for me though.

FV Tom said...

Hi Kristin, just looking for the details.

And your husband is a man after my own heart! But I don't think I would BBQ in snow. Too dang cold for me.

Hope all is well.

Janel said...

Hey I keep starting but not really as well. I'm doing measurements with a friend and starting monday too. We can do it!!!

Erin said...

Just keep doing as many positive things as you can... and focus on what you are doing right! Hope you had a great week :)